Découvrez cette conférence qui s'est déroulée lors de l'événement virtuel Cybersécurité 20/20 les 24 et 25 novembre 2020.

Descriptif de la conférence (présentée en anglais) :

Security is a critical issue for all enterprises and with more and more pressure being to provide ultimate security, teams are being stretched which ultimately creates a risk. The need to have flexible tools that will improve operational efficiency and improve security are at an all-time high. By choosing to add a Packetbroker to your network, a security team can apply precision filtering to isolate packets quickly, send only relevant data to tools so they are not oversubscribed, can have the ability to share packets with multiple tools and have crystal clear visibility into network packets even when they are encrypted. This presentation will inform the participants on the use and combined value of using a Packetbrokers with tools from vendors like Riverbed.

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Présentée par :

  • Dennis Carpio, Sr. Director, Business Development, Keysight Technologies