Découvrez cette conférence qui s'est déroulée lors de l'événement virtuel Cybersécurité 20/20 les 24 et 25 novembre 2020.

Descriptif de la conférence (présentée en anglais) :

While cybersecurity teams work to address operational and functional gaps, cybercriminals develop attacks targeting the top areas of risk for a company. Using the Forescout Device Cloud, the world’s largest repository of connected device data, Forescout Research Labs analyzed the risk posture of more than 8 million devices to uncover detailed information about the greatest points of risk inherent across today’s extended enterprise. Session topics include:

  • Top 10 riskiest device types in enterprise-scale networks
  • Riskiest device functions across verticals
  • How to mitigate and remediate identified points of risk

Présentée par :

  • SHAWN TAYLOR, Customer Evangelist and Senior Systems Engineer - FORESCOUT