Découvrez cette conférence qui s'est déroulée lors de l'événement virtuel Cybersécurité 20/20 les 24 et 25 novembre 2020.

Descriptif de la conférence (présentée en anglais) :

In the push to digital transformation Digital Identity is a foundational building block that must be addressed. Digital Identity must work for governments and businesses from all sectors. Educators and accreditors wrestle with the implications of what digital identities and credentials will mean when they are used across the economy and through different networks for identity information verification. Today, the ecosystem of trust is active and involves the financial institutions and certain orders of government, but the rapidly evolving world requires transactions to move much faster, with more security, and with data protections. The challenges are complex and the implications will reach each and everyone of us. This session will share experiences from Canada's public and private collaboration to deliver digital identity that works for the benefit of all Canadians.


Présentée par :

  • Joni Brennan, President of CCIAN (Canadian Council for Digital Identity and Authentication)