On the second day of the first edition of our  Cybersecurity 20/20 event, which took place on May 22-23, 2019, we had the honour of having William Crane, an IBM Leader, with us to share his expertise.

CISOs face incredible challenges as they navigate a world of threats from every vector while dealing with the business pressures of an ever expanding marketplace. The problems are complex and grow in depth every day. Chip relates his experiences in this presentation and demonstrate through storytelling how CISOs learn to face and overcome the problems of modern business.

William “Chip” Crane worked for a global retailer reporting directly to the acting CISO as well he has over 20 years of IT and Security leadership and technical experience, including a CIO role at Parkseed. He now serves as the Security Business Unit Executive for IBM and advises CISOs and CIOs on their cybersecurity strategy. 

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