Today cloud computing is a“superstore” industry where personalized service has not survived the purchasing and distribution power of the giant companies. A very small number of major suppliers dominate and dictate the market, which has allowed them to cross borders and push out local suppliers. An analogy can readily be found with Walmart,which was originally a local store in Arkansas in the fifties, and is now a real omnipresent powerhouse that has changed our approach to consumption.

Cloud computingis expected to represent a market of $240 billion American dollars worldwide in 2017, versus 205 billion in 2016, and this lightening growth should last for many years to come. If Amazon became the Walmart of cloud computing and it monopolized nearly a third of the market, this giant still does not control a large part of the market, which is more focused on personal service and customer support.

Of course, cloud computing has become an undeniable superstore market, and sooner or later, you will become a customer of this market, but the question is… is the superstore the only solution? Who will support your company as you convert to cloud computing? Who will guide you through the hurdles? Who will help you make choices? Who will advise you about your future services? And, especially, who will help you transform your company from the inside out? After all, it must be said that subscribing to a cloud computing service can also impact your internal work processes.

It is very tempting to turn to the major suppliers to begin the move to cloud computing. After all, if the superstore concept for our household purchases has become commonplace, this reflex is just as natural for something like cloud computing. Why? Because branding is effective, it is the reputation of the supplier that makes it attractive, but must personalization be put aside in favour of the offering of the cloud computing giants? No, because compromise affects both service personalization and management.

Cloud Computing Provides the Personal Touch

At Walmart, you can find everything and be welcomed with pomp and circumstance, but in my local store, it’s different. The employees help me in my choices, because they know my habits and history. The human approach and personal welcome is ongoing. I don’t have to go up and down the aisles to find help, because the floor is smaller and I can easily communicate with those working there. So if I need a personal touch or advice, will I go to Walmart? Do I really need a catalogue with thousands of low-priced items, or am I looking for a consultant who is more than worth the price?

The corner store grows with its clients, since they are the ones that dictate product choice. And should we wonder whether the same approach should be applied to cloud computing?

Cloud computing: When personalized service must reflect your organization

Cloud computing must not become a superstore at the expense of personal service. Your computer services convey the very DNA of your organization and have been developed over time to adequately meet the needs of your users and to take into account your specific business drivers. They form the nervous system of your company.

Because you are unique, you know that no offer on the market will perfectly meet all your computing needs. It is therefore by combining the different offers that you will be able to meet all your needs, and that is where we at E-SPACE come in. Our philosophy focuses on support and personalized service so that you will always find your way in the superstore of cloud computing.