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Blogs and articles
June 21 2019
Webinar (Les Affaires) : Cyberattack, is your data safe?
May 3 2019
Webinar (Les Affaires) : SAS Visual Analytics - interpret your data to make the best business decisions
April 1 2019
Disaster recovery: Is your business prepared for the worst?
Blogs and articles
February 28 2019
Initiate your Cloud computing journey safely
February 8 2019
Cybersecurity and AI continue to be priorities for Canadian it businesses in 2018
Blogs and articles
February 6 2019
Cybersecurity in quebec: time of accountability
Blogs and articles
February 6 2019
2019 IT portrait of Canadian medium and large sized companies
White paper
February 5 2019
The future of hyperconverged?
January 30 2019
Montebello Packaging chooses NOVIPRO for its new E-SPACE -hosted ERP
Case study
January 23 2019
Cloud computing: Security isn’t only a technology issue
Blogs and articles
January 22 2019
Do companies underestimate the risks of online piracy?
January 14 2019